Saturday, January 11, 2014


Happy New Year! 

I am back in Honduras! I spent Christmas with my family and returned this week. It is amazing after only 4 1/2 months this place is feeling more and more like home. My spanish still needs a lot of work but 'poco a poco.' It is great to return and be able to recognize people in the community and have conversations that I was unable to have in the beginning!

So recap of the last 4 months and plans for the future...

So when I arrived in Honduras I knew very little spanish so I spent about a month in Guatemala in a Spanish immersion class. What an experience! While I was there I was able to learn about the culture and struggles that the people deal with everyday.

Once I returned to Honduras it was time to start volunteering. I started volunteering with the physical program until the clinic was ready for me to start helping out. Our physical therapy program is small but is in the process of growing. We currently have 8-10 individuals and we visit their houses during the week. We help them with exercises and provide education for further progression.

Education and information here in Honduras is not as accessible as in the United States. Especially in rural and poor areas. Many of the families we work with do not know how to take care of a disabled child or have been told by the doctors that their children will not gain any further physical function.

However, many of these children could gain all or partial function in their arms and legs with physical therapy. In just these last few months I have seen major progress. One teen has gone from only being able to sit in his chair to walking with the help of a walker.  

Also, these last few months were filled with hosting retreats and a mission trip to the mountains. Many Hondurans that we interact with here are simple people. Which is beautiful because their faith is rooted in their hearts and not just their heads.  It is simply the understanding that "God is Love".

What's next...well this week I started volunteering at the San Benito Clinic. I was able to work with another nurse and help with prenatal visits. What could be better than getting to listen for the heart beats of a baby in their mother's womb! Even though I am excited to get started with my main ministry, this experience opened my eyes to the struggles and harshness of life's these women live.

 My next blog will give contain more insight on plans for the women's clinic and what an everyday life looks like for these women in the clinic.

God Bless!

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